Manufacturing of security print products

Printing Works of the Bulgarian National Bank Corp. offers a full range of services related to security printing of documents and securities, such as consulting of customers, design, recommending measures to increase the print products’ level of protection in view of the existing risks of counterfeiting and abuse. The Printing Works can use and incorporate in its products various security features to ensure mostly first or second level of protection. Whenever a second level of protection is selected, the Printing Works can offer to its customers optimal solutions as far as security features and their detection are concerned.

Printing Works of Bulgarian National Bank Corp. offers a wide range of techniques and solutions for unique numbering and personalization of products.

In addition, the Printing Works manufactures standard print products, such as letterhead paper, leaflets, posters, etc. The available equipment allows for roll and sheet printing on paper of various thicknesses. The Printing Works offers multi-color offset, digital and screen printing, hot foil embossing, perforation, folding, stitching hot-melt and spiral binding.

Security Features


Anti-copy patterns

Unique elements

– Optically variable inks
– Iridescent inks
– UV fluorescent inks
– IR-absorbing inks
– Metameric inks
– Metallic inks
– Magnetic inks
– Other security inks

Rainbow printing

Intaglio printing


Latent images

Optically variable features

Laser-perforated numbering

Needle-perforated numbering

Barcode numbering

Specialized Graphic Design

Apart from the already listed products, the Printing Works provides some specialized services, such as unique graphic design of share certificates, prepress procedures for securities printing and exposure of printing forms.

Among the other services, provided by the Printing Works, are needle-perforated numbering, book binding services, hot foil application.

The specialized design and prepress procedures related to printing of securities are provided only to printing works licensed by the Ministry of Finance.

Issuing of Unique Identifiers

The retailers which take part in the trade and distribution of tobacco products shall be registered into the tobacco products tracking and tracing system (developed in accordance with Directive 2014/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council) to be able to receive identifier codes for their companies and retail outlets.

See >> “Guidelines to Retailers with Reference to the Implementation of the Tobacco Products Tracking and Tracing System”