The mission of Printing Works of the BNB JSC is to provide documents and securities for the needs of Bulgarian and foreign state institutions and other clients.

To accomplish this mission and to achieve the high goals, the Company has established and maintains an Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 27001:2013 ISO 37001:2016, and ISO 14298:2013, which is the subject to periodic review and continuous improvement of its efficiency and effectiveness.

The management policy is the result of the Management’s commitment to continuously ensure the required conditions for process management within the organisation in accordance with the requirements to minimise the risks of the production activity, to ensure the health and safety of workers, and to minimise the adverse effects on the environment, and also in accordance with the current regulations.

In implementation of our management ideology, we have set the following goals:

– Continuous improvement and raising the quality of products and ongoing review for compliance with the current specific requirements for product characteristics.

– The Company guarantees to all stakeholders its clear position that it will apply an utterly uncompromising approach in combating bribery and corruption.

– Development, production and sales of products that have the least possible negative impact on the environment as well as reduction of the quantity of waste and increase of its efficient management.

– Setting of achievable goals and working controls in respect of the quality of information security which have been derived on the basis of a detailed risk assessment and in compliance with the legal national, European and international requirements and standards.

– It considers as its duty and obligation to act honestly, fairly and on principle in all its transactions with clients and suppliers on the basis of mutual trust, mutually satisfactory conditions and a high level of professional interaction.

– Strengthening of our leading positions on the national market and expansion of our presence on the international market of security products subject to the Bulgarian and international legislation as well as the international standards in this field.

– Continuous raising of the qualification, career development, motivation of the staff and clear allocation of responsibilities by levels and functions.

– Effective management of the risks to the health and security, respecting the applicable legal and other requirements adopted for implementation and relating to the risks for health and safety at work.

– The security of information is to be directed toward working controls complying with the clients’ requirements, with the international and national rules and standards ensuring the preservation of confidentiality, inviolability and accessibility of information and information assets of the Company.

– It maintains and continuously improves high standards of security because of the special nature of the manufacture of security products.

– Ensuring a high level of discipline and personal responsibility for the quality of work, operational control and compliance with the regulatory requirements relating to the Company’s staff.

– Achieving the full commitment of the employees with the Management Policy and the goals of the Company.

– Strict compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data by implementing internal procedures that apply to all persons related to the Company.

The Management of the Company is obliged to make public and to implement the Management Policy, to fulfil the management goals, as well as to take all necessary measures for the goals set to be understood and achieved within the specified time limits.

Date: 21.06.2018 год.
Version 010


The mission of Printing Works of BNB JSC is to provide documents and securities for the purpose of Bulgarian and foreign government agencies and other clients.

As a part of the guarantee of that, in The Printing Works of BNB JSC measures have been taken to protect this confidence. The company carries out a policy to conduct business in in an honest and ethical manner in accordance with BDS ISO 37001: 2016.

The Printing Works of BNB JSC applies an absolutely uncompromising approach to bribery and corruption and considers it as a duty and obligation to act honestly, fairly and principally in all of its trades and relations.

The general principles of the policy of BNB Printing House are:

A zero tolerance against corruption.

Strict compliance with the national framework, as well as applicable international instruments according corruption.

Honesty, fairness and respectability in all of its business relationships wherever it operates.

Apply internal policies and bribery procedures that apply to all employees of the company.

Conduct regular training for employees and familiarizing its partners on measures against bribery and corruption.

Continuous awareness and encouragement to open communication, actions based on transparency and will to prevent and react against all forms of corruption.

The Company’s management is committed to the disclosure, explaining and implementing Management policy and Anti-bribery policy to achieve the goals of management, and to take all necessary steps to understand and achieve goals within the deadline.